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For those of you who don't know, dogs are awesome. These are some of the things they do.

When you are depressed, they lay in bed with you and give you sympathitic eyes.

When you don't take them for walks because you are depressed, they get bored and eat everything cool your roomates own.

After you are done being depressed, they take advantage of your new found happiness by making you play ball.

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A Mothers Love  


Remember Hokka! ?

Of course you do, it's just the blog below this one.

Well, I have very bad news. It hasn't sold. I've done the best I can. I had it on display while I was still allowed displays. And then whenever I took those down. Hokka remained face out, even when there are prettier and more popular books I could give that honor too. (A face out, for those not in the know, is where one book on a shelf is turned front cover, rather than spine, forward. It is a great way to make a sparse shelf look tidy.) Whenever I can, I talk Hokka! up. I show it to likely looking sci fi fans. Point out the adorable bears in period clothes in the back. Open up to one of the inner pictures, which are so adorable they cannot be discribed here.

So I'll just show you a picture. Awwww. Teddy bears.

Anyway, I find myself acting maternal to this book. Like any mother, I want him to do well. I want all the other books to like him. And I show him off at any opportunity. The one time I found him on the floor, I might have actually made gentle cooing noises when I put it back on the shelf. I can neither confirm nor deny this.

And like all mothers, yes I want him to leave the nest and have a happy home, but I'm also kinda glad everytime a potential customer puts him back on the shelf. He is safe there. With Mother.

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