Reviews of Bad TV, part one  

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You do it. I do it. It's universal. We all watch bad TV.

America's Next Top Model is one such show. VH1 plays it in a constant loop. I don't actually think they have any other shows. By now girls everywhere have Tyra's "I have blank number of beautiful girls in front of me" speach memorized. I know I do.

Why? Why does this show consume my sundays when I could be doing some many other productive things (practicing hula hoop, learning to belch my ABC's or for godsakes even thinking). Instead I sit slack jawed and watch pretty girls cry about professionally done hair cuts.

Hi my name is Tamara (Ta Mare A) and I am a bad TV addict

So here's whats good about this show: You get to see pretty girls cry. You get to guess which cycle it is by looking at Tyra's weave. Sometimes the judges make out with each other. And yes, sometimes the photoshoots are just plain spiffy!

That's good TV. I will no longer be ashamed of watching the objectifaction of woman, the plus sized models being forced to have "personality" to convince the world that they're beautiful. Instead, I'll practice my runway walk and beauty shot smile in the mirror. I will cry when I don't get my way. I will wish that I was 5'9" so I could audition. I will eat salad instead of porkchops (actually I kinda hate porkchops so that's not a sacrifice). And if someone steals my granola bars... there will be HELL to pay.

Thank you Bad TV. You have made my life richer!

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An Experiment in Introduction  

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Blogs are pretty neat. I spend a lot of time on other peoples blogs. Therefore I have started one in hopes of becoming an Internet sensation.

Hi, My name is Tamara. When you pronounce my name, think of a female horse, (Ta Mare A). Then, not only have you pronounced my name correctly, but you have permanently associated me with a noble and only slightly embarrassing looking animal. OK wait, a human horse would probably be very awkward looking and would lose any noble attributes it once had. Alas. Now there will be NO epic statues of me made. Thanks Name.

I'm a college student who pays way to much money to go to a very small and very liberal school earning a degree (creative writing) that will likely make me no money to pay my student loans. I make wise financial decisions.

My dream job is to be the person who writes the summaries on the back of novels. Then I am paid to read. I like reading. I also like writing until it becomes work, which is about after the first 250 words. 250 words is about the length of a good book synopsis. You see- perfect job. If you know anyone who has this job, let me know, I must pick their brains. (not like a zombie).

I don't know exactly what this blog will be, but I am hoping for funny and possibly insightful. Let's find out together!

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