My Life is so Hard  


Here I am stuck in a small grey box all the time. People come, they wiggle their fingers at me, they leave. Then some lady takes me to some place bigger with infinitely more interesting smells. Admittedly, this part is nice, I have more room, and I get to see the lady alot. But she does carry me up stairs every night. And she leaves me outside all the time.

She makes me poop and pee outside too; controlling much?

Then, after one of these eternal days outside she comes home. I'm pretty excited. Inside time is awesome time. There are lots of tiny scraps of things to put in my mouth and I can jump on people whenever I want. But then, she puts me in the box that moves and takes me back to the grey box place!!!!

Why bring me somewhere neat if you are going to just send me back. Especially if you are going to let the ladies there stab me in the neck with some microchip thingy.

I even heard something about an operation. I don't know what that is, but my lady keeps using the words "nip him in the bud."

I don't like it. Not one little bit.

(Some props are due to my youngest sister, who admittedly did the whole blogging in the voice of my animal thing first)

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New Years Resolution  


I also wanted to give you a rant (hopefully a brief one) about new years resolutions.

It's 2009. This means we are one year closer to being able to say twenty ten instead of the ridiculous two-thousand and nine, that we will all age another year, that the days are going to get longer again, and that people all over the world are making resolutions.

I say don't.

At the beginning of the year, we all get ambitious about the wonderful things we are going to change about ourselves, but all we are really doing is setting stupid high expectations that we aren't going to keep up with past a month. Not to mention that the things we want to change about ourselves are the things we hate about ourselves.

Hating ourselves is never fun, and it seems to me that highlighting these things at the start of the new year is just a good way to start the year with alot of self loathing.

Setting arbitrary goals for yourself is not the way to self confidence folks.

What is? you may be asking, if you are the sort that asks random blogger girls those types of questions.

I say, fake it till you make it. If your not happy, smile anyway, just see if your day doesn't get better. Don't think you are beautiful? Look yourself right in the mirror and tell yourself you are anyway. You might think your lying, but do this enough time, I bet you'll be able to find the ways in which you are telling the truth. Can't lose those holiday pounds, squeeze into a size 2 anyway and see... OK, that last one is not a good idea. DON'T put too much junk in your trunk ladies. It is not a good look.

Anyway. That wasn't real brief, and I know it was a tad serious for this blog, but eh.

Love yourselves folks! Like the commercial says, you're worth it.

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Puppy please? Update  


So, all of those problems still apply to the puppy situation. And the Black lab in question is no longer available for getting.

But do you really think that stopped me? I am a woman of will for God's sake!

You got it. I went to the shelter and adopted a baby shepherd mix. He is adorable but that goes without saying because he is a puppy. But just think about this, the dog has markings around his eyes like a monocle. That means two things, 1: ADORABLE! 2: He is most likely an evil genius that will plot either my or my roomates murder.

Course, after I adopted him, he came down with a case of Kennel Cough and I am not allowed to take him home until he is treated for it, possibly not for 10 WHOLE days.

Impatience is I.

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