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Yeah Yeah it's been a while.

I've been away from the internet for a bit. But I'm back now, so we're reunited all jolly like. Several things have happened while I was gone. For instance, they took Dr. Horrible down from free viewing and since Joss has incredibly loyal fans, you can't see them through youtube. So thats sad.

On the plus side, I just bought my first digital camera of ever. So I will be treating you guys to pictures of anything weird I happen to see in the world. It tends to be a weird world, so I'm thinking there should be plenty. Tommorrow, I plan on treating you all to a virtual tour of my house since it is still pretty new and maybe you guys are interested in that kinda thing. Meanwhile, here is a picture of the cage my rats will be housed in when I get them this saturday.

I'm thinking of adding an aquarium to the bottom, but I have to think of the logistics of that before I do.


I am working at a call center for Directv. For the most part, it's an okay job. I work steady hours for reasonable pay, I get to sit down all day, and I am basically paid to talk. I like talking. It's pretty much my favorite thing.

There are better jobs out there, sure, but one thing keeps me going through the tough calls. One day somebody famous is going to call me. Edward Norton or Patrick Steward, or God if only Neil Gaiman is going to want to add HBO and I will be the one to do it for them. Oh man do I hope Neil Gaiman has Directv.

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Sad Face  


Act III of Dr. Horrible went up early this morning. I'll admit, I teared up at the end.

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Feel like singing?  


The internet is a fantastic place. It is full of free entertainment and creative freedom. It can stand as a pillar of new thought and selfless contributions to society.

It's also a place for porn.

But that is really aside from the point. Alot of you are probably Joss Whedon fans. There are alot of us out there. During the writer's strike, Joss and a bunch of his friends got together to do something about it. They were creators, actors and writers and candlestick makers in an industry that had become so money driven that creativity was on the picket line. They did something about it. And they used the internet.

They made

It's an event about creating without looking at dollar signs first. It also has Doogie Howser singing about his freeze ray.

If you have ever wanted to root for the bad guy at the same time that you are rooting for a non-capitalist society, here is the place to do it. It's a story in three acts. The first two acts are already up. I'm waiting with baited breath for the third.

Visit now. You won't regret it!

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yay 500!  


I got my 500th hit today. Since this blog is an experiment in stroking my ego while hopefully entertaining you, this calls for a WOOT!

So no one I don't know reads my blog. So Angie has twice as many hits. So I don't know how to do fancy html stuff. I count this as a victory... FOR SCIENCE!

err, for quasi-witty banter on the Internet anyway.

Meanwhile, I think I am going to promote another website in celebration.

Do you like Doctors?
Do you like Ninjas?
How about cowboys?
Cowboys riding dinosaurs?
Dracula in space?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then boy do I have a webcomic for you!

So yes, I know. I always give you guys these links way into the webcomic. Often some 500 issues in. There is a good side to this. If you start now, you have many many issues to read before you have to start waiting for the slow agonizing trickle of new comics. Really, I am doing you a favor by being behind the times.

(I wanted to post on awesome picture of Dr. McNinja high fiving a chicken in this post, unfortunately blogspot is have some technical difficulties, just go to the site, you'll find it and it will be worth it)

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On another note...  


I have successfully reserved my ratties. I got the cream and one of the blacks! (The brown was taken mysterious commenter number 1) There offical names are Caplan and Hopefully Mine, which has a specific relevance to me. Just one more thing to make me love my breeder. Thanks Janine! Anyway, I'm thinking of calling the blue biege one (offical term) Heather and the Black Self one (another offical term) Hazel.

(I'll post pictures when I have em)

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There is a reason this man is my hero:

Maddy and I are off to Brazil in a few minutes. Well, we're off to New York where we change planes. But basically, we're off to Brazil together. She has the disarming smile. I have the unlikely facial hair. We're like Green Arrow and Speedy, only without the boxing glove arrows, the costumes, the similarity of gender and... okay, not really a good analogy, but what the hell, we're hitting the road. Or we will if the car turns up.

I love you Neil Gaiman. Visit him at you wont regret it.

EDIT: I just realized that neil failed to mention the Speedy who is a girl. Oh Neil, your so old fashioned. Did you know she has AIDS?

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