Puppy please?  


So a friend at work mentioned that a friend of hers found a black lab puppy wondering around, and would anyone like to have it?

Now I want to you understand something. I live in a house where the animals outnumber the people (and thats not including the mice that have taken up residence under our stove). We are four busy people who barely have time to feed ourselves, let alone a puppy. We do have a yard, but it is sidled up real tight to our neighbors, who has dogs of his own.

But all I can think of is this:

I think I'll name him Jack. Unless it is a girl, then I shall name her Button... or Guess. I haven't really decided.

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There is this new taste. It's all the rage in my household. First you abuse a little known country into reducing its diversity into one crop. Then after harvesting the crop, to make it easier, lets call it a bean, you cook or roast the bean. You can roast it a lot or a little, both can be fantastic. Then you grind it up into little bitty bits. Your following me so far right? It sounds alot like some sort of seasoning right? Your getting warm, but you couldn't roast my bean yet.

Now comes the tricky part. Rinse the tiny bits with steaming hot water. Get them really clean. the bits should expand slightly, this means your doing it right. Now. Throw away the bits.

Drink the dirty water. Delicious.

Seriously, who invented coffee?

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New Job!!  

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So I haven't wanted to jinx it by blogging about it before hand, but I have a new job. I'm no longer Directv's bitch. Now I am Allstate's bitch. On the downside, this means when Neil Gaiman's Directv breaks, I won't be there to answer the call. On the upside, I get perks like my own cubicle and more money, as well as a more 9-5ish schedule so it's probably a good thing.

Today was my first day. They spoiled us a bit with bagels, pizza, and cake. There are many ways to my heart. One of these ways is to feed me. With food. So Allstate is on my good list. At least for now, we're going to have to see what soul numbing thing I'll need to do when work starts before I know how much I like this job.

I'll keep you posted. Probably.

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Like Pinocchio  


I love Christmas.

This may not come as a shock to you, since most of my fanbase has either lived with me at some point in my life or are living with me now, but I love Christmas enough that I feel the need to reiterate. I love Christmas.

Since I am living apart from a parental unit in a formal way now, I'm not bound by rules like, wait until a reasonable time to buy a Christmas tree. So, I'd like to show you something:

This is Franklin, my Christmas tree. Franklin grew up on a lovely tree farm. Him and many other Fraser Fir trees like him were grown with special love and care so that they could be viciously chopped down and spread Christmas cheer to all. Two days after Thanksgiving, my roommates and I took Franklin home and made him all pretty. Picture courtesy of Ms. Angelina, who is handy even with my "special" camera and can get edgey shots like this without even trying.

My picture looked like this:

If you want to see an excellent family portrait taken from in front of Franklin, I recommend heading over to her blog, Visions of Mania, link to your right.

Now, hold onto your seats, because it is about to get controversial.

Carols are an important part of every Christmas season. And I feel one, a children's favorite, has been done a real injustice for years now. You know the one I mean, Rudolf the Red Nosed Raindeer. You may be asking, Tamara, what could possibly be wrong with a song that inspired not one, but several movies of decreasing quality?

The answer is nothing. Or it would be nothing if snot nosed kids didn't ruin everything. Lets examine the first line, skipping of course the introduction of Dasher and Prancer and so on.

"Rudolf the red nosed raindeer, had a very shiny nose, and if you ever saw it, you would even say it glowed."

A perfectly good line. I mean sure, one wonders why a red nose is so very shiny, but the movie clears that up pretty well. No, the problem is that after that, everyone wants to sing "Like a lightbulb!" only they don't sing it. They screech it. Then they smile like they are soooo clever. I know. I've done it too. These little additions to the song. Like Monopoly, Like George Washington (Our first president? thats really who Rudolf reminds you of?) They appeal to the snot nosed kid in all of us. But frankly, they are dumb. Rudolf doesn't need them. He is classic.

His song should be classic too, minus the screeching please.

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