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I still don't know if I will get the girls or not. (Did I mention that I wanted girl rats?) I should know pretty soon, once they open their eyes. Anyway, here is a picture of just the girls, a little older, a little wiser.

They just get cuter and cuter!

I'm hoping for one of the blacks and the cream colored one. But lets be honest here. They are all freaking sweet hearts!

Here's hoping

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Hey guys,

So it's been awhile, mostly since moving into the new house has left me devoid of internet up until now. But I'm back and better than ever. Or at least just as good. I can promise I haven't returned deficient.

So the newest thing that is happening is these little guys.
This is the newest litter of rats from http://http://www.matrixratsrattery.com/
Two of them will possibly perhaps be mine maybe. I sound less than sure because I have been shuffled from litter to litter a couple times here. The waiting lists at Matrix Rats are long, because the pets are very high quality. Janine, the breeder, socializes these little guys from day one. She even takes months of each year to study and play with her rats, just to makes sure they are loved. I chose this rattery because I know my babies will be healthy and happy from the day I get them. Apparently everyone else in colorado and new mexico also chose them, so I have to wait my turn.

You all might not know these about me. Well actually you probably do since most of you actually know me personally, but... I am a crazy rat lady. I think they are just about the best pets a girl could ever get. They never bite. are trainable and cuddly, soft, and just plain adorable.

I'm personally hoping for the ones on each end. I'm crossing my fingers that four times is the charm. Otherwise, I think my nesting impulses are going to go into full swing and I am just going to have a baby.

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Wrapped up like a douche?  


I think a majority of my life is spent moving. The boxes, the trucks, the dragging things up stairs, the bruised legs and paint smeared faces. I'm doing it again. I'm moving out of my mother's house again. It's hard work, but I'd like my own room again. If you want full details of the moving out session, wander over to Angie's blog, she is covering it in depth. Of course, then she will get another number on her counter and be even further ahead of me as far as internet sensationing goes, but alas, that is her destiny perhaps maybe.

Any way, the other night, after working hard on the new house, we gathered downstairs (where it was cooler we don't have ac yet) and lay on the newly shampooed carpet for a while. We talked about nothing with only a novelty flashlight for well, light. Then with no provokation or warning, we all jumped up and danced to "Blinded by the Light" (might not be actual title) which of course was only playing because we were all also singing it badly. I don't know how this happened. I don't know why. What I do know is that it was one of those moments, the moments that reassure you that everything is going to be ok.

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