Lets talk politics for a moment  


This is not a political blog. There are to many of those out there already. Granted I don't know what kind of blog this is, but it's not a political blog.

That said, I'm obsessed about the Obama v Hilary contest.

Alright. They have similar platforms. She talks business, he wants change blah blah blah. thats not what I want to talk about here. Look at the hopefuls. What to you see. This is what I see.

Lets compare.
Star Trek creators wanted to have a woman captain. They created Janeway: a boring, often ignorate character who is best know for getting her ship HOPELESSLY lost.
Benjamin Sisko on the other hand was the first and only black star trek captain. His space station successfully facilated known enemies living together successfully for SEASONS. He was a fair captain who happened to head my favorite version of Star Trek.
I guess you all know who I'm voting for.

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Review of Bad TV part two  


Dear readers,
you may have noticed a little poll on your left. Since there are only two votes tabulated and one of them was my vote, I can only assume that by "Dear Readers" I mean Angelina.

This one is for you.

Picture this: you just got home. It's been a long day. You turn on the boob tube. Nothings on. TRAGEDY. Wait Wait, G4 has your back. Ninja Warrior is on. Ninja Warrior is always on.

There are so many things that are amazing about this show. First there is of course the ridiculous obstacles these people put themselves through. My favorite is the wall hang. In what I think is the third stage, overly muscular asian men inch along a metallic wall using only their fingertips. If that isn't quality I don't know what is. I don't know anyone who can watch this show without cheering when someone gets past this obstacle.

But the best part of this show is the commentary. The announcer clickes away in what I can only assume is a made up language (ok ok its not made up, I was trying to be inflammatory) and across the bottom of the screen scroll the most serious commentary I have ever heard for a man gripping a rolling log. He says things like "He grips the log with heroic strength" and "He will bring honor on his house by defeating this obstacle." The only problem with the commentary is sometimes I read faster than I should, so I know whether the contestant makes it across before he does. Takes away the suspense.

Woman's Ninja Warrior is another beast all together. I've only seen one woman make it all the way through and she has done it several times. She has terrible teeth, a sparkly outfit and more skill in walking across life size dominoes than I knew existed. The first stage of obstacles in the woman's course is kinda lame. By that I mean it looks like I could maybe cross it perhaps. By penultimate stage though, I think they have the men beat for toughness. Life size dominoes PEOPLE!

Basically this show is so much fun I hesitate to call it bad TV. Then I remember there is a reoccuring contestant called octopus man and I realise, I just have really bad taste.

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