I'm under your bed, stealin your zzz's  


I'm a dog person. I like an animal the will stick it's face in your face and slobber all over it. I don't like to have to wonder if a pet wants me to pet it. It's a pet, they are for petting. With a dog, the answer is always yes, pet me, please.

With cats on the other hand, everything is in question. Like, why are you in my wardrobe? or if I touch you will you bite me. Or, like right now with the cat my sister has brought: where the frack are you? I don't like a pet that will vanish unexpectedly. It's just not the way I roll.

Apparently, my sister (read: one fourth of my readership) doesn't agree. She brought her new cat to stay for a while. His name is Vincent. He likes my dresser drawers and hiding under my bed. Here is a picture of not him:

Yeah. Looks cute right. Oh I'm a cat, every one loves me. I'm fluffy. Blah blah. I'm so tired of cats.

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