yay 500!  


I got my 500th hit today. Since this blog is an experiment in stroking my ego while hopefully entertaining you, this calls for a WOOT!

So no one I don't know reads my blog. So Angie has twice as many hits. So I don't know how to do fancy html stuff. I count this as a victory... FOR SCIENCE!

err, for quasi-witty banter on the Internet anyway.

Meanwhile, I think I am going to promote another website in celebration.

Do you like Doctors?
Do you like Ninjas?
How about cowboys?
Cowboys riding dinosaurs?
Dracula in space?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then boy do I have a webcomic for you!


So yes, I know. I always give you guys these links way into the webcomic. Often some 500 issues in. There is a good side to this. If you start now, you have many many issues to read before you have to start waiting for the slow agonizing trickle of new comics. Really, I am doing you a favor by being behind the times.

(I wanted to post on awesome picture of Dr. McNinja high fiving a chicken in this post, unfortunately blogspot is have some technical difficulties, just go to the site, you'll find it and it will be worth it)

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