The Laugh  


I have a roommate. I may have mentioned her.

Before we lived together, me and this person were friends. We weren't close or anything. Didn't share a toothbrush. She seemed normal, but I liked her, she bought me a plastic ninja sword for my 21st birthday. A plastic ninja sword says a lot about a person.

Then we moved in together. It's possible she is the wierdest person I have ever met. She likes "booty shaking" music and Dance Dance Revolution. But I think the most endearing thing about her is THE laugh. It's not her regular laugh. It is a loud ceaseless cackle that not only sounds ominus and insane, but it takes you with it. When she laughs this way, I laugh too. I can't stop. I literally roll on the floor.

It's dangerous. I'm sure she could kill me with that laugh. I am helpless to it.

The moral of the story: you never know someone until you live with them... and they start plotting to kill you.

(As a side note, I absolutely love my roommate. Wouldn't trade her for the world)

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but you will trade her in. this summer you will leave her and then find out all the bizzare things about me and cassandra this summer. oohhh.... and we shall see yours. and we will write blogs about each other! oh my!

<3 u.

April 3, 2008 at 4:56 AM

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