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So, I'm trying to get this "real world" thing figured out. First step get a job. I applied to a call center in town and surprise of surprise I got the job. neat. Mind numbing labour here I come. But there was one thing I had to do first. I had to take a drug test. Because obviously you can't be doped up on elephant powder or crystal juice and answer a phone.

In theory it wasn't a problem. I don't do drugs, hadn't even drank anything since graduation. Just pee in a cup. I mean, I'm not a guy, so I can't aim or anything but drug addicts do it all the time, so I, an educated and healthy young woman could surely pee in a cup. I was all ready too. I went to the place (the pee cup place) early in the morning, I didn't even take my ritual just woke up bathroom break, so I had to go pretty badly. But apparently, I have a shy bladder. I'm talking really shy. I was in that room for nearly an hour, listening to every word the doctor said to anyone on the phone or at the front desk. Actually, for all I knew he was talking to himself, but he was talking a lot is all I know, and my bladder didn't like it even one bit.

Then I remembered reading this http://www.thesneeze.com/mt-archives/000626.php a while ago. My good old buddy Steve from the Sneeze had my back. His bladder is shy in not very Private bathrooms. I don't envy men this particular problem, but his solution was helpful for mine. Arithmetic. I started a pattern of addition in my head. 2+3=5 3+4=7 4+5=9 I think I got to 9+10=19 before the flood gates opened.

Thank you Steve. You saved my job.

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that's pretty friggen funny lady. on my end i can pee on command. even if i dont have to go!!! HAHAHA

May 28, 2008 at 2:39 AM

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