When in doubt. blame it on the WIZARDS  


Today I was struck with the fact that indian food looks so similar going in as it does going out, not a unique observation I know. But I pose you this question dear readers: How then does it taste so yummy?
I'd like to submit to you my theory. Indian chefs are merely poorly trained wizards. They learned their summon food spells alright. But they never managed the finesse required to create appitizing looking food. They just got the taste down and called it done. Then the went out back to charm some snakes if you know what I mean. (I mean charm snakes, don't be dirty).
The only thing that is left out of my explaination is what are the wizards using to make the food so consistantly look like waste. This is not a question I want to answer. I will just close my eyes and eat.
(On the other hand, their bread is not bad looking at all)

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