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There are many things I can say about this book, but only one of them is important, so I will say it first.
Read This Book!
Wheew, now thats out of the way, I can gush properly. It is admittedly, a young adult book, but this is in the tradition of Roald Dahl. This book doesn't talk down to you, it doesn't paint you a happy picture so you will go to bed at night. It paints a world and a character with such extravagance you may as well of been there. Screw young adult reading, pick it up and enjoy.
The Graveyard book follows the life of Bod Owens (Short for Nobody) a little boy raised by a graveyard. The graveyard manages to be both creepy and endearing. Bod compelling. When Bod comes into his own, its perfect.
The villian is the man Jack. He creeps around the pages of the book even in the 100 or so pages he goes without even being mentioned. This is a talent only true villians have. Something only a great writer can pull off.
Which reminds me... if you ever read this Neil,
Will you marry me?

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