There is this new taste. It's all the rage in my household. First you abuse a little known country into reducing its diversity into one crop. Then after harvesting the crop, to make it easier, lets call it a bean, you cook or roast the bean. You can roast it a lot or a little, both can be fantastic. Then you grind it up into little bitty bits. Your following me so far right? It sounds alot like some sort of seasoning right? Your getting warm, but you couldn't roast my bean yet.

Now comes the tricky part. Rinse the tiny bits with steaming hot water. Get them really clean. the bits should expand slightly, this means your doing it right. Now. Throw away the bits.

Drink the dirty water. Delicious.

Seriously, who invented coffee?

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B to the EN  

The history of coffee has been recorded as far back as the tenth century. During that time, coffee remained largely confined to Ethiopia where its native beans were first cultivated. Ethiopian highlanders first cultivated the coffee bean.
It is rumored that Ethiopian shepherds saw their flocks eating berries from certain bushes and then "dancing." The shepherds tried the berries, which were coffee, thus beginning a journey of centuries.

However, the Arab world began expanding its trade horizons, and the beans moved into northern Africa and were mass-cultivated. From there, the beans entered the Indian and European markets, and the popularity of the beverage spread.

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The real answer is... God...

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