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Since I now have a child, albeit a fuzzy one, I am one step closer to my goal of having a set of characters to blog about like my hero Steve. (If you want to see a great example of character based blogging you should see the latest blog on the Sneeze, where Raisins and Lux go at it once again.

And Jarvis, I can tell already is going to provide great entertainment for us here at Blatant Exposition. For instance, the little evil genius has already learned what the sound of my alarm means. It means it is time to get excited, jump all over the place, and whenever possible, punch me in the face.

You did hear that right, my dog is a puncher, with his fists.

But the addition of a child in my life does highlight a deficiency as well. Jarvis needs a father. I don’t want him to be raised in a single parent household. He can’t grow up chasing all the girl dogs around but never marrying any of them. For one thing, he is neutered, those would be some unsatisfied girl dogs. So clearly, I need to set a good example for him.

To that end, I recently went on a blind date. My first in fact. We went on a hike. Hiking may have been an unwise choice since I am not what you would call… graceful. But there is this Sanatorium up in the mountains and I do have a bit of an abandoned building obsession so I was in, all in.

Unfortunately my date was not all in. He was cute, and relatively nice and really liked hiking, but had no desire to help me break into a dirty, dark, and disease ridded building that used to be filled with Tuberculous patiences.

I don’t have a lot of rules for the men I date. Well. Ok I do have a lot of rules for the men I date and one of them is this: if I am doing something stupid, either stop me or join me. Do not just watch me enter into a hole in the wall and creep around sneakily. It is just no fun.

So the search for Jarvis’s father continues. I’ll keep you updated…

Probably not actually.

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