You may be shocked that a new post is going up so soon. Don't be. It's only natural when one joins the world of current technology.

By that I mean...


If you happen to be a friend of mine that I see on a day to day basis then you have heard all about my little bundle of joy. Too bad. I'm telling about it anyway. If you aren't then aren't you excited?

look at this sexy little guy. It can access the Internet anyway anywhere. The full keyboard and mouse officially put the spank on i-pods and i-phones and silly little handheld devices. It is cute, and cheap and almost as functional as a notebook. The perfect thing for the writer on the go who also happens to enjoy wasting time on the Internet.

But the best part is, I feel like a giant when I use one. I just walk around the house holding it in my hands and shouting, "I am so large. Look how tiny this computer is in comparison to me!" And then I usually howl or growl or something. I feel very powerful.

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