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I haven't posted much since Nano started, I threw up the widget to the right and called it good. But, I feel something momentous has occured and I should post about it. (Also Man is down in word count and I've reached quota so I need something to do while he Nanos ((yes it is a verb now)).
I reached the halfway point yesterday. 25,000 words in 15 days. It is a heady feeling. I've written half a novel. It is mainly exposition and extremely circular but still, I've written it. As someone who wants to write novels for a living, well, I've never actually written a novel. So, this is a big thing for me. I think, as a new writer, the excercise of Nano will be great.
Meanwhile, I'm going to give you some highlights of how I got to this point:

Sitting in a dog park, squinting at the poorly reflected screen while other people play with my dog because he has been looking at me with sad eyes since the experiment began,

Finding that Jack Daniels and coffee ARE a good combination. (Man says that it goes with anything)

Drinking the coffee that Man ran through the machine twice and LIKING it.

Hating Village Inn for not having outlets for Nanoing success

There have been others, but most of them actually only involved me in front of a computer with vclicking sounds coming from my fingertips. Because apparently, thats how novels are written. With lots of hours logged.

Thats all for now folks. enjoy your nights filled with sleep and not typing.

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