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Today is the 27th of November. I am sitting on a couch with a very small and furry kitteh sleepy soundly in my lap. When she is not sleeping soundly she is often slightly pointy. Yes, Man has a kitteh. I'm not generally a cat sorta girl, but this one has grown on me a bit. What can I say. Man is typing up a storm. He has been Nanoing for 27 days. He will probably finish in about 10 minutes.

You might ask, if you know me well, why am I not Nanoing. Tamara, you'd say, your a competitive girl and you only have 3000 words left to go. Finish tonight. You'd have a point. But Man is a very good typer and I am just a deligent one. Plus, I've already written 3000 words today. So I planned a plan. I'm going to finish tommorrow. In less than 24 hours. It will be grand. Yes, I won't finish before Man. but I sorta figured that when he had a 6000 word day while I was still in a turkey coma. So alas. not tonight
But tomorrow. I finish this.
or else I DINE IN HELL!


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